93 Av. Gambetta
Paris 20e

01 46 36 81 76

93 Av. Gambetta
Paris 20e

01 46 36 81 76


The Bistro

The Chantefable, formerly known as “Le Rallye Gambetta” is over a hundred years old. For more than a century it keep perpetuating the tradition of French Cuisine alive.


Here is the story of this authentic piece of French Heritage…


On its opening (at the end of the 18th century), the Chantefable was a joint where local poets used to perform their repertoire and sing. Close to the trendy 20th Arrondissement City Hall and to the famous “Père Lachaise” cemetery, The Chantefable stands on the same block as rue de la Chine where Edith Piaf was born in 1915.


Upon the year 2000 restoration, the ceiling moldings where duly respected, bringing charm and authenticity to the place. The mirrors, dating from the post war period, enhance this Art deco setting and will transfer you back to the past – to an era of gourmets and epicureans.


Reproductions of the works of Toulouse Lautrec can be admired on the walls of the back room. Both the vintage bar and floor are made of Bourgogne stone, true to the tradition of Parisian bistros.


Chef Laurent and his team are extremely dedicated to their trade. They  cook sincere, generous and gourmet food. Throughout the seasons, they help you explore or rediscover home made treats such as duck foie gras pâté (IGP Périgord), whole roasted piglet, our must-have profiteroles to name but a few…

To delight your tastebuds, our chef proposes a range of new dishes every day using fresh products straight from the market.


“Real French cuisine comes from the land: butter, cream and wine will always be the essential elements.”

Paul Bocuse

The Team

In the restaurant, the team has proudly worn the traditional French barista outfit for many years, adding to the Art Deco charm of the bistro.
In the kitchen, everything is homemade. For the last 16 years Chef Laurent and his team have been making traditional dishes, all the while respecting seasonal products.

Photos: Elodie Dupuis

Design + Code: Bonconseil